Saturday, November 18, 2017
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The UnionNet family of products delivers powerful, modern, web-based Union management solutions.

Net Endeavor, the developers of the UnionNet product family are focused on providing technology solutions designed and built specifically for Unions. Whether you are a small Local, a regional organization, or an International Union, we can provide the technology solutions you need.

Our flagship union product, UnionNet Local (TM) is a complete contract and member management system for your Union. UnionNet local is the culmunation of many years of working directly with unions to develop a complete solution for management of Members, Employers, Contracts, and Dues.

With UnionNet Apprentice (TM), you can easily manage your apprenticeship program, including tracking applications and apprentice progress, scheduling classes, and maximizing the value of your classrooms, labs, and instructors. Check out UnionNet Apprentice today for all of your apprentice school needs!

UnionNet BidQuest (TM) helps your union drive work to your signatory employers by letting you track project bids. Communicate bid information to your signatory contractors. UnionNet BidQuest lets you track critical information about non-union employers so you have the tools and information necessary to contest bid awards.

UnionNet JobSight (TM) helps your union track the work that is progressing within your juristiction. Validate that employers are using member resources correctly. Track member communications and saftey issues that can be used in the grievance process.

All of the UnionNet products are web-based software solutions that run in the cloud. Accessed through Microsoft Internet Explorer, UnionNet products can eliminate your software deployment costs and reduce many system administration tasks, allowing you to focus growing your union operations and increasing your membership.

Here's our latest video of UnionNet Apprentice...